Our Approach

The traditional form of education is applied with a generalized approach to every student. It starts with a template-based curriculum through their adolescence. A minimum 4 years at a collegiate level, to only incur a deficit from loans and fees. An entry-level job, that is designed to payoff your newly acquired debt, build up a 401 K, and have your focus already set on retirement. Instead of working for someone else’s establishment, we simply suggest investing your time and effort into yourself. We of The Boy Brigade believe our unconventional methods might not be practical for most, but will ultimately be the most rewarding.

Our Story

Initially working for a child daycare program in southern Nevada for experience, Abel "Benny Boy" Kelkay had his goals set on affecting children's lives by becoming an elementary school teacher. Benny quickly became disappointed with the countless rejections on improvements that he'd personally requested to the program. While leisurely writing and recording music in his home, serendipity struck when Benny realized he could positively affect kids on a larger scale with his music. His epiphany manifested into gathering a collection of inspiring people, which would eventually become The Boy Brigade.